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Rlcfms is the world’s leading multilingual ERP that offers enhanced features to run all types of vehicle rental and leasing companies

What do we offer

State of the art ERP solutions for car rental, car leasing and fleet management business

Rent a car leading supplier - Leasing - Automotive

ERP solutions

Complete ERP for Fleet Management, Rent A Car and Leasing companies

On demand applications (SaaS)

Worries and budget free operations for hardware and software


Fully integrated CRM solution. Customer 360 view at any time in a blink of the eye

Consulting and delivery of results

We understand how important is to get the right information at the right time

Peace of mind when it comes to running a business

How we can help improve your business

car rent leasing for automotive and rent a car companies
  • Over 60 years of combined experience on the field
  • We are always thinking first as a business partner and second as a supplier
  • 24X7X360 support from our dedicated support team
  • Online training, analysis and video download for training
  • On Site training
  • Live video training
  • Customer support center
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Optimize your business today by taking advandage of our experties and ERP solutions

Find out how to monitor and optimize your business and maximize your profits

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Features of RLCFMS ERP

We help your organization to get the optimal ROI with our unique approach on installation and consultation process

Mobile applications: have the control at the tip of your fingers

Online Reservations: receive and monitor reservations from any source

Authoirization Matrix: create the policies and process of your company hassle free.

OTA and Brokers XML connections

Integrated Rent A Car ERP: All the feautures you will ever need to run a succesfull and profitable rent a car business. Offers, reservations, agreements, short term agreements, fleet management, 360 customer view, 360 agent and tour operator view, hotel bookings and commissions

Rent A Car and Leasing software


ERP Made Easy

Integrated Leasing ERP: full control and monitoring on lease quotations, contacts, agreements, replacements, fleet management, credit approval authorization matrix, purschase order and accessories monitoring, advance IRR matrix and many more feautures in order to control your business

Leasing ERP application


Sophisticated ERP

State of the art reporting and tools: use our existing reports for any aspect of your operations, or create your own reports based on your needs. YES! it is that easy to do. Our specialized consultant will help you to created your reports which you can use even on mobile devices. This do not end here, change any print out with our needing to request a modification

Advance Management Reporting


Drive your company into the future

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Rent a car, lease and fleet management

ERP Products

We are proud to announce the release of RLCFMS ERP in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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